The earlier version of this course (C100) has been completely remade and is being replaced by this new course (C101)

The earlier version of this course (C100) has been completely remade and is being replaced by this new course (C101)

You can work with this course if you have never before channeled your guide or higher self to meet your guide, learn how to get into a channeling state, and discover how to bring through information either by talking aloud or by receiving the information directly into your mind

It is highly recommended that you study the Opening to Channel book or Opening to Channel audio book along with this audio course. These contain valuable information about who are the guides, how to recognize a high-level guide, and much more You can also read many free articles about channeling here.

In this audio course, Orin and DaBen join their energy with yours to assist you in meeting and channeling your guide

Note: This audio course has been remade from the original, and includes more meditations, channeling inductions by DaBen, and information from Section 2 of the Opening to Channel book read by Sanaya. However, the processes to learn how to channel are very similar to the earlier version and you do not need to order this course if you already have the earlier version. You may want to work instead with Orin’s Connecting with Your Guide, Receiving Clear Guidance (C201) course for all new meditations.

Information about this course by Orin and DaBen, Sanaya and Duane: If you want to connect with a high-level guide and learn to channel, the exercises, guided meditations, and talks in this audio course by Orin and DaBen and Sanaya and Duane will help you to do so. They are based on the processes Orin and DaBen gave Sanaya and Duane for the Opening to Channel course written about in Section 2 of their Opening to Channel book.

Channeling is a skill that can be learned, and Sanaya and Duane have trained thousands of people how to channel using the processes contained in this audio course. You can learn ways to let go of doubts that you have really met a guide, and to gain more confidence in your channeling.

Learn a state of relaxation and concentration to assist you in channeling Tune into life-force energy of plants and crystals as preparation for channeling Achieve channeling states of consciousness to open your channel to your guide Meet your guide mentally, and get your guide’s name Explore your guide’s purpose in working with you Channel your guide verbally Ask questions of your guide Give yourself a reading Give a reading to other people Channel on the future Work with your doubts to release them

This is the album to start with you if you have little or no experience channeling. After you work with this album, whether or not you feel you have a good connection to your guide, you can move right on to Orin’s Receiving Clear Guidance album (C201) to work with doubts, fears, and questions about channeling, to strengthen your belief that you really are channeling, and to learn how to bring through useful, clear guidance that you can trust and take action on.

Course contains 26 programs with 16 guided meditations, including channeling state inductions to use to bring through information from your guide, questions to ask your guide, and information from the Opening to Channel book, read by Sanaya.

Note: Sanaya and Duane are no longer teaching the Opening to Channel course in live classes. If you have read the Opening to Channel book and would like further assistance in channeling, we suggest you work with this Opening to Channel audio course. Many people have successfully learned to channel using this Opening to Channel course. It contains all the processes from the live seminars as described in the Opening to Channel book.

Orin has made another wonderful audio course to assist you working with your guide to bring through clear guidance that you may enjoy in addition to this audio course, Connecting with Your Guide: Receiving Clear Guidance (C201). None of the meditations in C201 are duplicates of the meditations in this album and the two albums were made to work together.

This course comes with a PDF booklet with transcripts of the journeys and is available in download format only. (There is no printed version that will be sent to you). The PDF for this product will appear in your Member’s Area under “My Downloads” link after purchase for you to view online, or to print.

Also Recommended to Strengthen Your Connection to Your Guide. Orin’s Connecting with Your Guide: Receiving Clear Guidance (C201) This course works well with the Opening to Channel, Connecting with Your Guide to assist you in connecting with a new guide and/or strengthening your connection to your existing guide to receive clear guidance. You will receive energy from your guide to remove obstacles to a clear connection, to believe that you do have a guide, and to trust the guidance you receive. You will learn how guidance is received; how to receive clearer insights and understanding; and expand your ability to view the large picture, get more details, look into time, and much more.

The abridged Opening to Channel Audio Book (OTCE) is also available, read by Sanaya and Duane, containing Sections 1, 3, and 4 of the Opening to Channel Book. Section 2, which contains the processes to learn how to channel, is available as C101 (above).

Buy this revised Opening to Channel, Connecting with Your Guide audio course (C101) and Orin’s Connecting with Your Guide, Receiving Clear Guidance audio course (C201) at the same time and save! Make a strong commitment to your channeling and to your guide Note: If you do not have the Opening to Channel book, we suggest that you read it along with taking these courses for a good understanding of guides, channeling, and much more that will help you understanding channeling, and to be successful in connecting with your guide. Opening to Channel printed and eBook (OTC)

Recommended Reading Now available in printed and eBook formats! Orin and DaBen’s Opening to Channel book contains important information about how to make a connection to your guide. Thousands have learned to channel using the safe, simple, and effective techniques in this book. Learn how to tell if you are ready, what a trance state is, how guides transmit messages, your role as a receiver and translator, who the guides are, how to recognize high-level guides, how to attract a guide, what to expect, and more. Use this book while you are working with the audio courses.

Sections 1, 3, and 4 are also available as the Opening to Channel abridged audiobook (OTCE) Read by Sanaya and Duane, transmitting energy from Orin and DaBen as you listen. Section 2 of the book on how to Channel is available as the Opening to Channel audiocourse (C101) by Sanaya and Duane, Orin and DaBen.

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