Bad for: People who need control and anyone under 30

Bad for: People who need control and anyone under 30

While the depth of the personality analysis is appreciated, we’re not completely sold on the accuracy of the results. No one wants to say it, but people bend the truth when they need to look good – and a questionnaire that basically asks you to rate how good of a partner you are is bound to make people treat it like a damn resume. People are filling this out knowing their answers are meant to make them appear attractive, and everyone would rather say they’re perfect than admit why past relationships didn’t work and what they need to work on.

What’s the point of filling out this massive questionnaire if your matches aren’t checking off a majority of those boxes?

There will always be those people who aren’t satisfied with a dating site’s suggestions – it’s easier for them to blame the algorithm than it is to admit that they might be the problem . But it’s worrisome that reviews from multiple EliteSingles users mention that their suggested matches didn’t match the age range, job type, or location that they selected when creating a profile. Finding the perfect person when you’re not trying to fly 300 miles to go on a date is apparently a tall order.

Sure, basing someone’s potential as a romantic partner on their salary can be shallow if you take it too far. But relating to their education history or career can dodge a lot of money-related bullets and guarantees that huge shared experience, and it’s the reason most of the users are paying for this “premium” site in the first place. The lax recommendations will be even worse for people who want to be proactive about their search, as there are no options to search profiles or set preferences.

“Where to start? Bottom line: app consistently ignores your preferences. For example, you try and set the parameters you prefer, and the app informs you that if you choose too narrowly, you won’t get enough matches. And then it won’t allow you to save your preferences. I have set age preferences, ethnicity preferences, location preferences, religion preferences, and I get one decent match in 30. The location preferences are particularly ridiculous. I live in a highly urban, populated area. However, I cannot narrow my radius to less than 50 miles away. Well, 50 miles away from where I live could put people about 2 to 3 hours away. I am getting men from neighboring states! That’s ridiculous! Other, more well-designed apps will show people that match my preferences within 5 to 10 miles away. So I know they are out there. But I guess I shouldn’t care, because the men I am being matched with don’t even remotely match my preferences.

If you’ve had your fair share of immature, half-assed relationships, you understand how draining it is to find someone who understands your goals – or how hard it is to babysit a partner whose work ethic isn’t up to par

And the question of whether or not people are highly educated is also in doubt. I have a PhD, and I am being matched with men who have completed trade school. That match is highly unlikely to work, for either of us! Perhaps that sounds snobby, but come on, let’s be realistic! This app and its associated service is a waste of money.”

If you think it’s weird that people refer to themselves as “elite” in the first place, you’ll hate this site.

Good for: Mature, established singles who don’t have a type

Despite the large window for exaggeration, EliteSingles could give hope to a lot of people who are tired of the broad dating pools on other sites.

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